Inspired by one of our lovely customers, Sophie, who recently shared an amazing katsu curry she'd made using our vegan smoky flavour steak. We just couldn't resist trying it out for ourselves! This katsu curry is warming, comforting and filling - the perfect night-in dinner, or fancy date dish to impress your veggie crush! 
These fluffy little babies require no eggs, no milk, no butter and, most importantly, they're incredibly easy to whisk up in a few minutes for breakfast. This recipe will make about six (really big) or twelve (petite), basically fat free, calcium and fibre rich pancakes. You're welcome!

Traditionally, this dish is made from a "bone-in" milk-fed veal cutlet, covered in eggy breadcrumbs and then shallow fried in clarified butter.

We decided to give it a go with a pack of Mheat we had left over one day!