Hello! Hilary and Alberto here. We’re two Italians who moved to the UK back in 2011, we are passionate about food culture and traditions. We love to create innovative, wholesome, plant-based recipes to break away from the usual routine of bland, samey, speedy cooking. We are well aware that not everyone feels the same as us when it comes to following a vegan diet. Most people see plant-based products as being meat-free, lactose-free, taste-free, creativity-free, even pleasure-free replacements of ‘proper food’ - we think it’s time to revolutionise this vision! Sgaia was born to take part in the plant-based revolution, to surf the new wave of British vegan living, to help all herbivorous human beings in their search for tasty, cruelty-free foods that make it easy to stand by one’s cooking traditions, and to support those who are new to plant-based living and interested in making the step! Far from being ‘free-from’, our products are, as we like to call them, deliciously ‘full-of’! Full of natural ingredients, full of nutrients, full of taste and full of originality.



Finding a product that satisfyingly stands in for the taste and texture of meat in our favourite everyday recipes, and that is also healthy and tasty, is never an easy feat. Chickpeas, beans, potatoes and tofu are all awesome but we wanted something familiar. So we took matters into our own hands (literally!), and after much testing (and tasting), we finally created our first products: the Sgaia steaks! They're our own take on a very popular, originally asian food: seitan (say-tan), which is an ingredient made with the gluten extracted from wheat flour. Wheat gluten originated as a food product in China sometime around the 6th Century, and was especially popular as a substitute for meat amongst buddhists. Lovingly hand-made by us as per the traditional method, with a few little tweaks here and there, our unique recipe yields a flavourful, low-fat and protein-rich cooking ingredient that is firm in texture, crisps when fried, becomes tender in stews, bearing all the knowledge we developed overtime from a little kitchen in West Wales, all the way to our brand new production unit in Glasgow.


P.S. Sgaia [sga-ee-ah] is a word in Venetian dialect to describe someone who is cheerful, animated and positive. It is also used to define someone who is resourceful, quick-witted and versatile. We believe that everyone has a bit of sgaia in them :)


Our company was born as a tribute to food heritage and its role in shaping our sense of cultural belonging. We are committed to preserve it within the sphere of plant based foods, motivated by our passion for real, flavoursome food and our strong Italian (and now Scottish-blended!) heritage. Our food is not fake, it’s simply plant based.

Sgaia Foods bridges the gap between plant based foods and fresh speciality products that taste, look and feel authentic. We recreate the flavours and textures of our cultural heritage by researching traditional recipes and employing them in the creation of our meats and charcuterie.

With our plant based meats, we are championing artisanal, handcrafted produce as the future of premium plant based food (including meats). We are excited to get involved in both catering and retail to create the next generation of high quality fine foods that just happen to be vegan.



We are committed to making plant food more widely appealing, premium-feeling and culturally truthful.

Our food isn’t a fake or a replica. We strive to redefine plant-based meats as entirely new and unique products that can standalone without having to redirect to an animal counterpart. Our products are suitable for vegans, but they are made for everyone who enjoys good food.


We make 100% plant based meat. All ingredients are natural, non-GMO, of the highest quality and sourced as locally as possible.