About Us

Welcome to Sgaia Foods, where tradition meets innovation.

Our dedicated team works around the clock to deliver the highest quality plant-based food. We believe that the only way to safeguard our culinary traditions is through adapting them for contemporary needs.



All our products are ideated, developed, made and packaged in our 100% plant-based factory in the vibrant city of Glasgow. Our aim is to make flavourful, appealing and highly nutritious food providing everything your body and mind needs.

Our recipes only feature naturally occurring, non-GMO ingredients and we never add chemical flavourings and thickeners to our products. We like to say that we make food, not lab experiments.



Our lines include the Sgaia Range, featuring our high quality everyday seitan inspired meats such as our award winning Streaky Rashers, Steaks, Burgers and many more offering the ideal meals and ingredients for your breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Sgaia Bottega, our gourmet line, focuses on limited artisanal recipes providing astounding plant-based products that will elevate your meals in a few minutes. These products range from spreads, sauces to glazed fillets, steaks, slices and more. Bottega is here to deliver a (sustainable and ethical) ride through memory lane with all-time traditional classics and offer interesting new sensations for your palates with innovative blends of flavours.

'nduja pasta sgaia

The founder Alberto, from Padova, an eclectic city near Venice, developed the first recipes in 2014 after a need for more appealing plant-based alternatives. Using only traditional methods of preparation, he developed cutting-edge recipes that found an insatiable audience.

Alberto, approached Francesco to help guide the company with his expertise in management and marketing. The newly joined Director, comes from Turin, and has experience in sustainable business development from his own sustainable organisation spreading awareness on waste and its impact on climate change.

This dynamic-duo takes advantage of their Italian heritage and knowledge in food and sustainability to deliver authentic flavours using methods of production that have passed the test of time. Their innovative mindset however enabled them to understand contemporary needs, providing them the approach to develop an environment for groundbreaking delicacies to be developed.

However, as you cannot taste words, we encourage you to try it yourself. 

Sgaia Team


P.S. Sgaia [sga-ee-ah] is a word in Venetian dialect to describe someone who is cheerful, animated and positive. It is also used to define someone who is resourceful, quick-witted and versatile. We all have a bit of Sgaia in each and everyone one of us!