Hi everyone! So, I don’t do a lot of cooking - but one thing I do love to make is a sausage casserole. My fiancé says this is because it's the only thing I can cook, but this isn’t true I promise.. I also make a mean tea and toast!

Growing up, I remember always returning home after playing football (which was all I did), and trying to guess what was cooking by the smell coming from the kitchen. I could be wrong here, but anytime it was cold and wet I always seem to remember that this would the smell of a sausage casserole. There was no better meal to come home to when I was hungry and tired.

I loved it then, but I think I love it even more now! It's so quick and easy, but absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

Hi, Brian here! I thought that with this extra cold weather we've been having, I'd keep it simple and go for an old classic - my steak and sausage pie. Brilliant all year round, but even better on a dark cold night. This steak pie has always been a favourite of mine, whether it was gathered round the fire with family at the New Year's bells or just on a lazy Sunday all wrapped up in the house.. I've always loved a warm winter steak pie. Let's get started, I'm getting hungry just talking about it!
One of the best memories I have and carry with me from my childhood, is waking up to the smell of my mum’s ragù on a Sunday morning filling every room in my home. It was like a warm hug - what a beautiful way to wake up! That smell would tell me that I had lasagne or pappardelle to look forward to, and that friends or family would be coming round for a meal with us to spend some quality time together. Food really brings people together, and for me personally nothing does it better than a great ragù cooking on the stove for hours.