This recipe is a quick-bite, easy, and very common Polish street food that was always an exciting part of any trip or holiday for me. You can find zapiekankas in any Polish city, but the most famous ones are from Kazimierz in Krakow, where they can be found in various flavours and with crazy toppings. You can find small, single-serve ones or giant ones that are over 3 feet long! These are made for sharing with friends - which makes them perfect the refuel food after a long day of sightseeing.. or after a crazy night out!

Here's my recipe for recreating this perfect combo of crunchy bread and melted cheese at home - enjoy! This is the classic version, but you could make it your own by adding any topping you like. Think sliced tomatoes, chillies.. or even some of our steak chunks!

These fluffy little babies require no eggs, no milk, no butter and, most importantly, they're incredibly easy to whisk up in a few minutes for breakfast. This recipe will make about six (really big) or twelve (petite), basically fat free, calcium and fibre rich pancakes. You're welcome!