Fresh Plant-Based Meats

Say bye-bye to dull and chemical vegan foods and hello to natural plant-based meats with flavour! Sgaia is changing the way alternative meat products are made. Our wheat and pea/soya mix creates protein-rich alternative meats, with every single product made individually by hand so they’re as fresh as can be. It isn’t just a case of creating vegan meats to surprise meat-eating friends, but giving those of us who prefer plant-based meat something as fresh, tasty and nutritious as possible.

Quality Vegan Meats Ready to Go

One of the biggest stumbling blocks we found other vegan meat brands have is the cumbersome nature of their products. Some brands will have more instructions than flat-pack furniture! When you shop at Sgaia, every single product is ready-to-eat from the second it arrives - but we do recommend giving some products a quick pan-fry to help their amazing flavours come out.

Making a Vegan Approach to Cooking Easier

Being Scottish, the idea of being vegan and no longer having a national treasure like Lorne sausage didn’t sit right with us. Neither does having boring old bean burgers and meat-free bacon lacking taste or a nice texture in the mouth. That’s why we develop vegan meats that can be used in almost any meal, with recipes galore to show how Sgaia plant-based meats can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open your eyes and palate to a new way of cooking with our vegan meats.

Our Best Recipes

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Hi everyone! So, I don’t do a lot of cooking - but one thing I do love to make is a sausage casserole. My fiancé says this is because it's the only thing I can cook, but this isn’t true I promise.. I also make a mean tea and toast!

Growing up, I remember always returning home after playing football (which was all I did), and trying to guess what was cooking by the smell coming from the kitchen. I could be wrong here, but anytime it was cold and wet I always seem to remember that this would the smell of a sausage casserole. There was no better meal to come home to when I was hungry and tired.

I loved it then, but I think I love it even more now! It's so quick and easy, but absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

This recipe is a quick-bite, easy, and very common Polish street food that was always an exciting part of any trip or holiday for me. You can find zapiekankas in any Polish city, but the most famous ones are from Kazimierz in Krakow, where they can be found in various flavours and with crazy toppings. You can find small, single-serve ones or giant ones that are over 3 feet long! These are made for sharing with friends - which makes them perfect the refuel food after a long day of sightseeing.. or after a crazy night out!

Here's my recipe for recreating this perfect combo of crunchy bread and melted cheese at home - enjoy! This is the classic version, but you could make it your own by adding any topping you like. Think sliced tomatoes, chillies.. or even some of our steak chunks!

Hi, Brian here! I thought that with this extra cold weather we've been having, I'd keep it simple and go for an old classic - my steak and sausage pie. Brilliant all year round, but even better on a dark cold night. This steak pie has always been a favourite of mine, whether it was gathered round the fire with family at the New Year's bells or just on a lazy Sunday all wrapped up in the house.. I've always loved a warm winter steak pie. Let's get started, I'm getting hungry just talking about it!
One of the best memories I have and carry with me from my childhood, is waking up to the smell of my mum’s ragù on a Sunday morning filling every room in my home. It was like a warm hug - what a beautiful way to wake up! That smell would tell me that I had lasagne or pappardelle to look forward to, and that friends or family would be coming round for a meal with us to spend some quality time together. Food really brings people together, and for me personally nothing does it better than a great ragù cooking on the stove for hours.

A New Approach to Manufacturing & Supplying Vegan Meats

Sgaia is a small business. We’ve taken a lot of time to research and develop a range of vegan products that strive to provide maximum flavour. Every product you see on site is made by our team by hand, with minimal machinery involved in the production process. That means you will always get vegan meats which use the highest-quality ingredients to create fresh products. We ship our products every week, directly to your doorstep, so that you can enjoy Sgaia foods the way they they’re meant to be enjoyed.

John Burns On our Lorne Style Sausage

Absolutely amazing, the flavour, the texture, the best. I love your company and everything you stand for. Thank you for another amazing product and for delivering another amazing solution to one of the worlds biggest problems - the meat trade.

Michelle On our Sage & Onion Roast

We have ordered this for the last two Christmas dinners and they don’t disappoint. We have loved ordering from Sgaia Foods as they have such a great range. We also used the salami to stuff our Brussels and had the Lorne Sausage for Christmas breakfast. The whole works!


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