High Quality Plant-Based Meats

Our wheat and pea/soya mix creates protein-rich alternative meats, with every single product made individually by hand in a 100% plant-based kitchen to ensure our products are as fresh as can be.
Sgaia is where tradition meets innovation. Since 2015, we have been re-inventing timeless delights. Our recipes are crafted with nature's finest treasure: rich and natural tastes. A nourishing culinary pleasure.

Making a Vegan Approach to Cooking Easier

Being Scottish, the idea of being vegan and no longer having a national treasure like Lorne sausage didn’t sit right with us. Neither does having boring old bean burgers and meat-free bacon lacking taste or a nice texture in the mouth. That’s why we develop vegan meats that can be used in almost any meal, with recipes galore to show how Sgaia plant-based meats can be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open your eyes and palate to a new way of cooking with our vegan meats.

Our Best Recipes

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A New Approach to Manufacturing & Supplying Vegan Meats

Sgaia is a small business. We’ve taken a lot of time to research and develop a range of vegan products that strive to provide maximum flavour. Every product you see on site is made by our team by hand, with minimal machinery involved in the production process. That means you will always get vegan meats which use the highest-quality ingredients to create fresh products. We ship our products every week, directly to your doorstep, so that you can enjoy Sgaia foods the way they they’re meant to be enjoyed.

John Burns On our Lorne Style Sausage

Absolutely amazing, the flavour, the texture, the best. I love your company and everything you stand for. Thank you for another amazing product and for delivering another amazing solution to one of the worlds biggest problems - the meat trade.

Michelle On our Sage & Onion Roast

We have ordered this for the last two Christmas dinners and they don’t disappoint. We have loved ordering from Sgaia Foods as they have such a great range. We also used the salami to stuff our Brussels and had the Lorne Sausage for Christmas breakfast. The whole works!


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