Award Winning Vegan Meats at International Food & Drinks Event 2017

"We don't make fake meats: they are real, just vegan."

Sgaia specialises in small batch, artisan meats and cheeses that are entirely plant based.

Herbed Roast Italian Deli SandwichHerbed Roast Mediterranean-style deli sandwich


In less than two years, we've grown from a tiny one-room operation to a dynamic production facility that ships award winning, fresh vegan produce to restaurants, retailers, and customers all over the United Kingdom, as well as supplying a travelling plant based butcher shop. Have a look at our upcoming pop-up dates here.

Our signature product Mheat, made primarily of wheat and soya protein, has an unmistakable meaty texture that wins over vegetarians and omnivores alike. We strive to establish Mheat as a stand-alone, tasty and satisfying vegan meat in its own right; detaching it from animal counterparts and the idea of replacement, we choose to concentrate on authentic flavours, cultural accuracy and culinary heritage.

Top row (from the left): ultimate breakfast muffin with Smoked Provolone Cheeze, Steak
and Rashers; a noodle stir fry with courgettes, spring onions and Mheat Steak.
Bottom: Classic Mheat Steak and chips.


All of our Mheats are created from a dough, which is then seasoned and cooked differently according to several carefully devised recipes. We've used Mheat to create a variety of products that authentically reproduce conventionally meat-based foods such as Pastrami, Streaky Bacon, Rare Roast Beef and Italian Salamino (pepperoni). Several restaurants in Scotland and England have introduced vegan menus using our mheats in place of their traditional counterparts with extremely successful results.

Our all time best selling Streaky Mheat Rashers were named "Best Vegan Meat" by PETA in 2016.

Sourdough toast with smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes and Streaky Mheat Rashers.


The Mheat Range

Our range can be divided into two categories: Hearty Mheats for Cooking, and Plant Based Charcuterie & Cheeze. All of our mheats are pre-cooked and ready to eat, which makes it incredibly easy for customers and chefs to prepare them according to their tastes and recipes. They have no added oil (aside from the marinades for the charcuterie), so they are naturally low in fat and cholesterol, while being high in plant protein and satisfyingly filling.

Hearty Mheats for Cooking

We offer three varieties of Mheat Steak (Smoked, Hot Chilli, and Original - all of which will be available to sample at this years IFE Event), two gourmet burgers, and the best-selling Streaky Rashers. Designed for cooking, they are perfect for BBQs, stir-fries, roast dinners, and any other dishes where you'd conventionally use animal meat.

Plant Based Charcuterie & Cheeze

Our fresh deli products include the delicate Herbed Roast, chunky Hot Chilli Salamino, peppery Pastramheat, Tyrolean-style seasoned Späck, and our  brand new Smoked Provolone. Our charcuterie and cheeses taste perfect straight out of the pack and require no additional seasoning or preparation. They make perfect platters, salad and sandwich fillers, and even pizza toppings.

Sourdough pizza with vegan cheese and Hot Chilli Salamino Mheat.

Stockists and Suppliers

All Sgaia products are currently available to order from our online store, and can be found in various retailers and restaurants throughout the UK. Our steaks are also listed with CLF Distribution, one of the UK’s leading premium products distributors. Customers in The EU can order our retail packs for delivery from The Vegan Shop, based in France.


What People Have Said

Vegan Meat of the Year
PETA Vegan Food Awards 2016
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"Italian 'mheat' has been a hit with vegans across Scotland"
STV News
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"You'll be Amazed by Vegan Meat"
Sunday Post
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"Sgaia is nothing short of a phenomenon."
Fat Gay Vegan blog
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"This UK shop is turning plant butchery into a true art with their masterly creations"
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"Sgaia are a company not afraid to talk about their Italian meat eating heritage"
Damien Clarkson, Vevolution
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"Its Mheat products are already a hit"
Meat Free Monday
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"The UK's first catering service specializing in premium plant meats."
The New Omnivore
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"A game changer on the vegan scene"
The Huffington Post
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Smoked Provolone Cheeze on a vegan cheese board with Hot Chilli Salamino Mheat,
grapes and fresh bread.

Come Join Us at IFE

Come by and talk to us at stand N2266, in the Health & Wellbeing section, at the IFE in London this week!

IFE 2017 (The International Food & Drink Event) is the UK’s biggest and most important food & drink trade show. Bursting with inspiration, this biennial exhibition provides an unrivalled opportunity to source pioneering and new food & drink for your business. Taking place 19 to 22 March 2017 in London, the home of innovation, visit this four day extravaganza to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and network with the industry’s finest. 

To register for your free entrance badge and avoid paying the £25 on-the-door charge, please click here (trade only).

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Award Winning Vegan Meats at International Food & Drinks Event 2017