Notte Italiana

Sgaia's first dinner event hosted in the marvellous Singl-End on Garnethill in bonnie Glasgow on the 3rd of December of 2022.  

A cosy night full of warm food, wine, company and laughter. 

Our Founder Alberto, created a sensational menu bringing to life our tender and juicy meats. He was joined by our new Director Francesco - that hosted the night, taking care of all the guests and treating them to some insightful stories of wholesome Italian lifestyle. Our amazing team helped on the night and during previous days by plating and serving as well as in production by crafting our meats used as ingredients.
A special contribution from Jamie Kidd that wonderfully coordinated the night, selecting wines and making sure everything was going as intended - what a team!  


Alberto started us off with a "Benvenuto" (welcome) meatball served on passata.


The "Antipasti" (starter) consisted of a charcuteries board with a selection of our deli slices, a new Sgaia recipe for N'Duja and a plant-based take on a snack from the Marche region - olive all'Ascolana using our Lorne Sausage! 


For "Primo" (main), Alberto revisited his mom's recipe book by coming up with a sensational plant-based lasagna. He really proved that dairy is not needed for that creamy and succulent texture - it's just a myth!


As "Secondo" (second main - yes Italian have two mains...) our Founder went on to serve our notorious Garlic and Rosemary Roast.
Two thin slices carefully layered on a soft bed of potato purè and accompanied by rainbow carrots. As tasty as beautiful! 


To wrap up, for "Dolce" (dessert) guests were offered a generous portion of Tiramisù, beautifully layered in a jar. 



Every plate was accompanied by its wine, giving an immersive experience soliciting unique complementary flavours. 



Thanks to everyone that joined us for the night. We had an unbelievably good time crafting these recipes and treating you all to our Notte Italiana. 


See you all soon! 



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Notte Italiana