Mheat Steak


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Original Mheat Steak

Our Original Steak is the most versatile. It's tasty, deliciously savoury with a rich umami taste that will compliment any marinade, sauce or vegetable side dish. Have it as a main alongside chips and a salad, chop it up and add it to your favourite stir fry or pasta dish or cube it up, sizzle it in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil and top your salad with it for an extra savoury oomph.

Smoked Mheat Steak

An all-time favourite, our Smoked Steak is seasoned with pure beech wood smoke - perfect drizzled in BBQ sauce and griddled. Just as versatile as the Original, it'll add extra smokiness to all your favourite dishes.


Hot Chilli Mheat Steak

This one's HOT! Unapologetically spicy, our Hot Chilli Steak has that extra kick to spice up your fajitas, stir fries and burritos. Perfect smothered in paprika and olive oil, sizzled crisp and devoured with your favourite (vegan) sour cream.


Each steak weighs 150g fillets and will feed 2/3 people depending on what dish you're making with it.

Our (very few) ingredients:
Vital Wheat GLUTEN, SOYA Protein, Water, Shoyu (SOYA Beans, Water, Sea Salt, WHEAT, Koji, Yeast), Molasses, Onion, Garlic, Sea Salt, Yeast Extract. For allergens, please see ingredients highlighted in BOLD.

Smoked Steak also contains Natural Liquid Beech Wood Smoke.

Hot Chilli Steak also contains Hot Chilli Powder. 

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