Epic BBQ Burger Box


Organising a party or a social gathering? Fancy making it vegan? Get enough burgers to feed everyone, and then some with this box! Please note that when making your selection at checkout, total amount should be 16 burgers. Choose between:


A blend of Sun-dried Tomatoes, Italian Herbs and Onions

A deliciously savoury, juicy burger packed with real tomato & onion chunks. Gently herbed with a quintessentially Italian twist, this burger makes no compromise on taste. It will never, ever fall apart on your barbecue. That's a promise! Fabulous in a bun with garlicky (vegan) mayo, spinach leaves, basil and sliced tomatoes. Chilled beer not essential but recommended.

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Golden Peaches, Rosemary and a Hint of Cinnamon

This one's for the sweet-toothed mheat eaters in the house! Our Fragrante burger has a light, perfectly balanced sweet and savoury flavour that is super tasty while also delicate on the palate. Infused with real peach compote (not the sugary stuff - this one's proper) with a hint of rosemary and a touch of cinnamon, it brings together the best of both worlds. It will never, ever fall apart on your barbecue. Pinky promise! Excellent in a wholemeal bun with rocket leaves, balsamic reduction, toasted almonds and cherry tomatoes.. or you can always go for red onions, ketchup and rocket!

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