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What is Mheat?

Mheat is an artisan made, small batch vegan meat made from wheat and soya protein. We strive to detach vegan meats from animal counterparts, and to make Mheat to stand alone and strong as a valid, tasty and satisfying vegan meat.

It's sold in steak form, so it's not a ready meal but it's pre-cooked and ready to eat. You can slice it up and add it to a stir fry; cube it and use it like you would bacon bits or pancetta; chop it up and stick it on a kebab; grind it up and make it into sausages, burgers, ragù and plenty of other delicious things.

Please remember that this is a handmade, individually wrapped, artisanal product. No two mheat steaks will ever be the same, much like two loaves of bread bought in a bakery will never have quite the same shape, but each one receives the same care and attention nonetheless.

Where can I buy Mheat? You can purchase Mheat online from our Online Store. You can also find Mheat in several stores across the UK - for a full list of stockists, please visit out Stockists page. Did you know you can also eat Mheat out? Check out list of Restaurant Partners to see if anywhere near you is serving mheaty meals.
Do you deliver to [Your Country]? At the moment, we deliver to UK Mainland, Scottish Highlands, Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our products are stocked in New Zealand, and you can see a full stockist list at the bottom of this page. We also supply The Vegan Shop who sends out vegan goodies across the whole of Europe!
What is the shelf life of Mheat? Mheat has a 90 day refrigerated life from the date of manufacture. Once opened, it is best consumed within 2-3 days and stored in an airtight container in your fridge.
Is Mheat gluten free? Do you offer any gluten free options? The short answer to both those questions is no. The longer and more thoughtful answer is: not yet! We're tirelessly working on creating gluten-free alternatives to our Mheat products, but won't release any until we're 110% satisfied with the end product. This may take some time, but rest assured that it will retail the same level of quality, thought and tastiness as its gluten-based counterparts.
Gosh, why is it so expensive? We are used to buying extra cheap, extra fast foods that are mass produced by machinery for maximum output with minimum effort. Compared to these, Mheat may seem expensive to you. You must always bear in mind that when you buy Mheat, you are not just buying a packaged food: you are buying the hours it took us to make it, the expertise required to research, craft and perfect unique recipes that replicate generations of food culture, traditions and heritage. You are also supporting a vegan owned and run company's mission to bring the vegan lifestyle into the artisanal landscape of speciality foods. Everything we sell is handmade by human beings, not machines, and requires time, knowledge and passion not only to create delicious foods, but also to source the highest quality ingredients and research the best recipes and methods to use them.
Is Mheat suitable for freezing? Yes it is! Just make sure you defrost it by putting it in your fridge the night before you intend to use it.
Ok, so.. what do I do with it? Mheat is pre-cooked and ready to eat, so there is no real need to cook it further. It’s really just a matter of heating it up in a way that will make it even more delicious! We love it sizzled in a little coconut oil and soy sauce until slightly crispy. Just remember to always prepare your Mheat first, set it aside, and to add it to your favourite dish just before it’s ready so that it heats through but doesn’t overcook.

We don’t advise oven roasting. The reason for this is that Mheat has no fat added to it, so unlike animal meat and many other vegan meats out there, it would become dry and tough if left uncovered in the oven. If you do want to oven roast, remember to keep it covered the whole way through so that it retains moisture - a good method is to wrap it in foil.

Always remember to add some kind of fat when cooking. Marinades also work wonders to bring out and enhance its savoury flavour.
Can I eat it without cooking? Mheat is always pre-cooked and ready to eat unless otherwise stated. You can slice it up and put it in a sandwich or salad as it is if you're in a hurry! We always advise to quickly pan fry it in a little soy sauce and oil to bring out its best flavours, but it is perfectly safe (and delicious) as is.
I'm interested in wholesale. What do I do? That's fantastic! Please drop us a line at if you're interested in stocking our products, or using our Mheats on your menu.
Where is my order? We despatch orders every working Monday via DPD's next day tracked service. Your order will be sent out on the next available Monday from when you placed your order. Sometimes, we get really busy and have to queue orders on a 1/2 week waiting list. You will receive an email from DPD to confirm your consignment number on the day we despatch your goodies. Need more info? Check out our Delivery Info page.
Can I come buy your products off you at your production unit? No, sorry. We are not open to the public. You can find our current stockists listed here.