Plant Based Meat Taster Bundle


We are committed to making plant food more widely appealing, premium-feeling and culturally truthful - our meats aren’t fake food or replicas. We strive to redefine plant-based meats as entirely new and unique products that can standalone without having to redirect to an animal counterpart. Our products are suitable for vegans, but they are made for everyone who enjoys good food.

In this vegan meat taster box you will get to try a selection of all our best-selling plant based meats.

What's included:

Vegan Steaks: weighing 150g, these will feed 2-3 people depending on what dish you're making with it.

  • Original Steak - this steak is the most versatile. It's tasty, deliciously savoury with a rich umami taste that will compliment any marinade, sauce or vegetable side dish. Have it as a main alongside chips and a salad, chop it up and add it to your favourite stir fry or pasta dish or cube it up, sizzle it in a pan with some extra virgin olive oil and top your salad with it for an extra savoury oomph.
  • Smoked Mheat Steak. An all-time favourite, our Smoked Steak is seasoned with pure beech wood smoke - perfect drizzled in BBQ sauce and griddled. Just as versatile as the Original, it'll add extra smokiness to all your favourite dishes.

Vegan Burgers: at 110g each these are incredibly firm, yet juicy and flavoursome.

  • Aromatico Burger Twin Pack - a deliciously savoury, juicy burger packed with real tomato & onion chunks.  A deliciously savoury, tasty, flavor-packed burger packed with real tomato & onion chunks. Gently herbed with a quintessentially Italian twist, this burger makes no compromise on taste.

Vegan Charcuterie:

  • Two packs of vegan charcuterie - choose from:

    Herbed Roast - Tender Deli Slices with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Excellent in a sandwich with pickled red onions, horseradish aquafaba mayo, watercress and a sliced tomato. Each pack contains six slices.

    Späck - Smoky, Tirolean Seasoned Aromatic Deli Slices. Spiced with with whole crushed juniper berries and a mix of other spices, and brushed in extra virgin olive oil. Each pack contains six slices.

    Pastramheat - Smoky, Peppery & Aromatic New York Deli Style Classic. Slightly smoky in flavour and fantastically tender, and coated with a thin layer of extra virgin olive oil to keep it flavourful. Each pack contains six slices.

    Hot Chilli Salamino (aka Pepperoni) - Chunky Hot Chilli Sausage Slices. These make the perfect pizza topping - super tasty, nice and chunky, with a great chilli kick. Each pack contains eighteen slices.

Vegan Bacon:

  • One pack our Streaky Rashers (aka vegan bacon) - An all-time best selling product, our Streaky Mheat Rashers are being used by our private and commercial customers, restaurants, cafes, delis and sandwich shops to recreate the most comforting vegan breakfasts, BLTs, morning rolls, bacon burgers and much more. Not just made to look like streaky bacon, we've reinvented the streaks in our rashers to create a delicious play on flavours and textures. These rashers are smoky, salty, tasty, with a hint of maple sweetness round the edges.

    Voted Best Vegan Meat at the 2016 PETA UK Vegan Food Awards. Featured in Beef! Magazine (FR)

    Each pack contains four large rashers, which can easily be made into eight smaller ones.


Shelf life & storage:

Minimum 1 month shelf life from despatch. They can also be frozen and defrosted wothin a few hours!


Orders are dispatched every working Monday and delivered within 48 hours. Any order received after 12pm on Monday will be dispatched the following Monday. Please provide a contact mobile phone number for your DPD driver to send a pre-delivery notification text to with your one-hour delivery time slot!

This is a fresh, handmade product that is crafted to order just for you and that needs to be sent out to you chilled, in thermally insulated packaging to preserve freshness and ensure it gets to you in the best conditions possible.  

Sgaia foods made every effort in sourcing all their packaging from sustainable, locally based manufacturers. Their boxes are fully recyclable, and the ice packs reusable: just store them in a cool, dark place, and freeze them the night before you want to use them.

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