One of the most vivid memories I have from my early days as a vegan, is a friend of mine asking me how I'd ever make pasta alla carbonara ever again. I remember mentioning tofu and mumbling something about chickpeas instead of the bacon in response, feeling slightly hurt - and puzzled.
Well - here's my glorious come back. Totally satisfying, with all the creamy/chewy qualities a good carbonara should have, completely cruelty free and totally delicious. A true ode to pasta.
Alberto's mum makes the best gnocchi in Italy (we Italians like to exaggerate like that). No really, she does! We were feeling nostalgic so we cooked this little beauty up. It's satisfying, filling, comforting and ridiculously tasty. It reminds us of a dish we used to eat when we went up to the Dolomites for our winter holidays, called "Gnocchi, Panna Rucola e Speck" - the original recipe doesn't call for mushrooms, but we added them in to add some extra tastiness.

Cotolette alla Milanese are one of the many dishes we fondly remember from our childhood in Italy. Traditionally, they're made from a "bone-in" milk-fed veal cutlet, covered in eggy breadcrumbs and then shallow fried in clarified butter. Pretty much as non-vegan as it gets! We've always considered this dish as something that belongs to our past.. so we decided to give it a go with a pack of Mheat we had left over one day! 

What a revelation! They're tender, crispy and totally satisfying. Honestly, you've got to try these. 

Honestly one of our easiest and most colourful vegan recipes! These kebabs are great for parties, summer BBQs and grey rainy days indoors, too. It's more a case for the latter up here in Scotland - and it's nice to have a quick and easy recipe to splash some colour onto our plates when the sky is grey and drizzly! We made our own maple-mustard glaze, but if you're feeling extra lazy you can always use pre-made.

Eat these with your hands and enjoy the colourfulness!