Speedy Wholemeal Pancakes

Pancakes are one of those things that people generally file in the 'unveganisable' cabinet and forget about. These fluffy little babies require no eggs, no milk, no butter and, most importantly, they're incredibly easy to whisk up in a few minutes for breakfast. This recipe will make about six (really big) or twelve (petite), basically fat free, calcium and fibre rich pancakes. You're welcome!

120g Wholemeal Flour (we used this one);
1Tbsp Baking powder;
1Tbsp Sugar/Sweetener of your choice (we used this lovely stuff);
235ml Plant Milk of your choice (we used this one);
A teeny tiny pinch of salt.

And, of course plenty of topping! We used freshly made berry compote, but you could replace it with chocolate sauce, maple syrup, sugar and lemon juice, this delicious date caramel syrup, or you could whip up some coconut cream.. get creative!

A bowl for mixing;
A good old fashioned whisk;
A non-stick pancake pan (or any other non-stick pan, ceramic works wonders).


1. Sift all dry ingredients into your bowl. Add the wet ingredients while mixing gently with the whisk, and keep on mixing until you get a smooth batter.

2. Set your pan over medium heat and let it heat up fully before you spoon about 1/6 of the batter onto it at a time.

3. When the edges of the batter look browned and you start to see bubbles in the centre, it's time to flip it over - be careful as it might break!

4. Let it cook on the other side for a minute or two. If it slides about when you jiggle the pan, it's done!

5. Top with something delicious and enjoy!

(Per average pancake made by dividing mixture into six pancakes. Keep in mind that these values will vary slightly if you use different ingredients.)

Energy: 96kcal/401kJ / Fat: 1g, of which saturated: 0.4g / Carbohydrates: 21g, of which sugars: 3.9g / Dietary Fibre: 2.3g / Protein: 2g / Salt (depending on the size of your pinch): 200-250mg

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