Five Ingredient Vegamisù - Tiramisù Gone Vegan

Behold, the queen of plant-based tiramisù. Traditionally made with coffee-soaked savoiardi (ladyfingers), layered in between a creamy mixture of whipped eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese and a thin layer of cocoa powder, this is another dish that we fondly remember from our childhood in Italy. Every nonna has a different recipe for it, a secret method to the layering, and a favourite type of coffee to use for the savoiardi - it's serious business! Especially in the region Alberto and I are from, Veneto - which incidentally is where tiramisù was born in the first place. This recipe has a lot to live up to, but let me promise you - you will be amazed. It's always had us coming back for seconds, thirds.. whole dishes! And the best part is how easy it is to make!

Give it a go, you know you want to!

400g Digestive Biscuits OR Rich Tea Biscuits OR Vegan Ladyfinger Biscuits, if you can find (or make) 'em - make sure they're dairy and egg-free (we used these);
3-4 Cups Freshly Brewed Coffee;
Sugar/Sweetener of your choice (we used this lovely stuff);
4 Vanilla Soy Desserts (we love these) OR make your own vegan custard (this recipe works great, just omit the cocoa and add some more vanilla);
600ml Refrigerated Soy Whipping Cream (say hi) OR make your own Coconut Whipped Cream like this (not into coconuts? We've got you covered);
Unsweetened Cacao/Cocoa Powder (any will do - just watch out for added dairy!).

A generous bowl for whipping/mixing;
A hand mixer or a whisk if you've got the stamina;
A glass oven/serving dish, about 5cm deep. Ours is about 40cm long and 24cm wide, but you can always make a couple of smaller ones, or several single-servings! Jam jars work wonderfully - and they look lovely too.
A sieve, or a meshed tea strainer if making mini pots.


1. Brew your coffee, set aside and let cool. Sweeten while warm, if you wish. I quite like it unsweetened, a good full bodied coffee flavour compliments the sweetness of the cream mixture really well.

2. While you wait, empty the whipping cream into the bowl and whip until smooth and stiff - if it's not working, add a little tapioca starch to the mixture (careful not to let it form any lumps!).

3. Fold in the vanilla desserts one at a time using a whisk. Add sweetener of choice, if needed. I never add sugar as the desserts are usually already quite sweet. But feel free to sweeten the cream mixture up as much as you need! Once you've obtained a nice smooth creamy mixture, refrigerate until needed.

4. Assemble! Dip the biscuits into the cold coffee until they've absorbed a fair amount of liquid, but aren't soggy, and arrange a layer of them on the bottom of the glass dish - don't worry about them overlapping, just make sure they cover the entire surface. Add a layer of cream and spread it out using the back of a spoon or a spatula - don't overdo it, you need a lot less than you may think! Now gently sprinkle with a generous layer of cocoa/cacao powder with the sieve, or the tea strainer, if you're making little jar-sized portions. That's it, repeat as many times as your ingredients allow - just remember to end with a layer of cacao/cocoa-covered cream.

5. Refrigerate for at least an hour or two, then try your best to resist it until your guests come over!

(Per average portion, made by dividing the recipe into 8 generous servings. Keep in mind that these values will vary slightly if you use different ingredients.)

Energy: 408kcal/1704kJ / Fat: 23.1g, of which saturated: 16.7g / Carbohydrates: 44.35g, of which sugars: 20.35g / Dietary Fibre: 4.5g / Protein: 5.2g / Salt 0.7g

December 18, 2016 by Hilary Masin
Tags: dessert

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